The HR Standards Navigator
Shared Purpose & Collaborative Engagement Framework

The Shared Purpose & Collaborative Engagement Standards Framework has 2 overarching core themes:

• From being Visible to Visionary
• Operating as Many…Performing as One

Implementing the Standards

Organisations will need to determine in what ways they can achieve the Standards given their current operations and available resources.

Achieving and maintaining the Standards:

Assess your organisation’s current policies and practices against the Standards, and identify who needs to be involved in assessing existing policies and practices and developing plans to address gaps by:

  • Reviewing current HR management policies and practices compared to the Standards to identify gaps.
  • Identifying those Standards that are critical to the organisation’s current operations.

Communicate your organisation’s commitment to the Standards with the appropriate target audiences.

  • Develop clear messaging that presents the impact that the Standards have on your organisation, the changes that have been made and the reasons why you are aiming to achieve these Standards.
  • The purpose is to create awareness of the importance of HR policies and practices and how the Standards can support the organisation in establishing appropriate policies. This will also ensure individuals are aware of changes in HR management policies and practices and provide support throughout implementation.

Develop a one-year plan that targets the Standards your organisation plans to implement.