Organisational Success: Driving Shared Value & Reducing Risk

Sustainable Shared Value Creation and Capture
March 27, 2017
Value driven management
March 27, 2017


Understanding and Communicating People Value in Operating Performance

The value of a company is determined by its ability to consistently maximise its risk-adjusted cash flow generation. It follows then, that companies should focus on those factors that help them generate more cash, for longer periods of time and with the least risk possible.

Creating and maintaining value in the context of sustainable business depends on a collaborative process requires organisational compatibility and focus on same goals. Strategies, governance, collaborative engagement, value chain and innovation.

Strategies and shared purpose practices that are aligned with the operational purpose and capacity, ensure safe returns to shareholders, awards for managers and employees, but also provide for quality and excellence in the relationships with customers, suppliers and creditors. This, in turn, provides for expected future cashflow patterns. Value chains and relations within them are a central part of the value creation process.

Organisational success translates to the creation of sustainable value for all the various stakeholders. People (well trained, satisfied and healthy employees) are a central tenet in enabling this to happen and in sustaining competitive advantage, as demonstrated in key areas that define business success:

  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Corporate responsibility and governance
  • Innovation and resilience
  • Value and Risk management
  • Stakeholder returns




The Connections and Interdependencies of Value Creation and Business Success