Shared Purpose Framework Dimensions

Operating as Many…Performing as One
March 27, 2017
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March 27, 2017
Human capital is the collective knowledge, skills, capabilities, competencies, experience and other collaborative engagement behavioural attributes that people bring into their business role, to help the organisation achieve its desired business outcomes. There is a positive relationship between the ways in which we lead and manage our people and their capacity to drive high performance, through engagement and motivation to improve and innovate. Using the Shared Purpose Collaborative Engagement Framework can help to steadily improve your people management strategy in key areas of business performance such as:

  • Enhancing employee engagement (to lower people risks, and build a caring, happier, energised, productive workplace for sustainable growth and stakeholder returns
  • Increasing leadership capability (for driving productivity, greater innovation and agility, faster problem solving and time-to-market)
  • Improving employee retention (to contain the costs of recruitment, training, and performance deficits associated with replacement employees)

The Shared Purpose Collaborative Engagement & Commitment Framework Dimensions

"Engaged employees enjoy their work, feel valued, and  are proud to tell people that they work for the Company. They go the extra mile to  help their customers and colleagues, and they  want to stay and develop a career with the Company”
Our Shared Purpose Collaborative Engagement & Commitment Framework, -a reliable roadmap in changing the behaviours and mindsets - can support a better understanding and appreciation of your workforce and how people drive business performance and create value in business.

A shared purpose narrative on how stakeholders perceive the relationship between their investment in people, and how people work together to deliver sustainable business success.

A prerequisite is a shared purpose vision and leadership capability and management depth to create momentum and reinforce the Shared Purpose Collaborative Engagement Framework and measure progress in creating shareholder value and on increasing customer value by differentiating the company’s products and services.

Our Shared Purpose Collaborative Engagement & Commitment Framework, has two dimensions that frame the Organisational Culture Profile and Climate, as shaped by the relationships with personal  job, team and  the organisation management, culminating in a culture index for measuring and managing culture.

  The first dimension relates to the Emotional Perceptions and Behavioural Drivers of Engagement

The second dimension relates to The Building Blocks for the Employer of Choice Brand, a High Performance Culture and Organisational Effectiveness.



The 3 dimensions of the culture index  for measuring collaborative engagement and managing culture are: 
    • Employee Perception measure of desired culture values.
    • Employee Awareness of the values of the organisation and compatible behaviours to the stated values of the organisation.
    • Employee  Rating of  Work Environment in terms of work methods, depth and breadth of competencies, relationships and job satisfaction.
The relative impact of these 3 dimensions of the culture index is assessed via anonymous surveys, or focus groups via external facilitators. Integration of the 2 collaborative engagement dimension elements and the 3 dimensions of the culture index, will produce an engaged workforce and a high performance culture, as evidenced in Organisational Performance, whereby business success is the product of employee engagement and commitment to the job and the organisation.